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What you will find in the Census (1790-1930)



age at first marriage 1930
age, sex, race of each individual in household 1850 forward
agricultural schedules 1850-1880
attendance in school 1850 forward
birth date (month/year) of each person 1900
birthplace of each person 1850 forward
birthplace of parents 1880 forward
veterans: pensioners 1840
chronic or acute illness, length of time afflicted 1890
Civil War veteran, Union or Confederate 1910
Civil War veteran, Union or Confederate, or widow 1890
crippled, maimed, deformed 1890
deaf, dumb, or blind 1850-1890, 1910
defective in mind 1890
defective, dependent, delinquent schedules (DDD) 1880
disabled: crippled, maimed, bedridden, or other disability 1880
employer, self-employed, or wage earner 1910-1930
farm owned free of mortgage 1890
farm owned or rented 1890
home or farm as residence 1890-1910, 1930
home owned free of mortgage 1890-1920
home owned or rented 1890-1930
illness, current, or temporary disability 1880
immigration year 1900-1930
industry/manufacturing schedules 1820, 1850-1880
insane, idiot  1850-1880
language, native 1890, 1910-1930
male, eligible/not eligible to vote 1870
marital status 1880 forward
married within the[census] year 1850-1890
month of birth if born within the year 1870-1880
month of marriage, within the [census] year 1870
months attending school 1900
months unemployed 1880-1900
mortality schedules 1850-1880
mother of how many children, # living 1890-1910
name of each individual in household 1850 forward
name of head of household only 1790-1840
native language of parents 1920
naturalized citizen or first papers 1890-1930
number and age groups of slaves owned 1790-1860
number of years in US 1890-1900
number of years of present marriage 1900-1910
occupation 1850 forward
parents, whether foreign born 1870
pauper or convict 1850-1860
persons unable to read and/or write 1850-1880
prisoner, convict, homeless child,pauper 1890
radio set in home 1930
reading and writing, whether able to read or write 1890-1930
relationship to head of household 1880 forward
slaves by age, sex, color, etc. 1850-1860
social statistics schedules 1850-1880
Soundex 1880 forward
speaks English 1890-1930
street address of family 1880 forward
Union vets and widows, special schedule 1890
value of home or monthly rent 1930
value of personal estate 1860-1870
value of real estate owned 1850-1870
veteran of U.S. military or naval forces, which war 1930
whether person worked yesterday or number on unemployment schedule 1930
year of naturalization 1920
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