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User Contributed Ration Books

Visitors to the Genealogy Today and Live Roots web sites may now catalog any ration books they have in order to share the information with others. Presently, we are only accepting United States ration books.

Option One - Catalog

Each ration book must be cataloged separately. You will be asked to select the series, and then enter the printer code, serial number, surname, given name, city and state listed on the ration book cover. Examples are given to explain what information to enter. After you catalog each book, you will have the option to submit an image of the cover.

Start cataloging your Ration Books...

Option Two - Donate

As an alternative, you may donate any ration books that you have to our collection. We will scan the books that are donated and catalog them for you. Please mail your books to the address listed below, and include a note stating that they are being donated to Genealogy Today LLC.

Mailing Address
Genealogy Today LLC - Dept. RB, P.O. Box 911, New Providence, NJ 07974-0911.


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