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Resources of the Month

Listed in Alphabetical Order (date of review is at the end of each entry)

Calculating Birth Year Based on Census Information - Useful information to help you determine the age of your ancestor. (OCT2000)

Census Dates for Countries and Areas of the World 1945 to 2004 - Interesting information concerning more current census records. Not totally useful for genealogists today, but interesting. (OCT2000)

Clooz - Clooz is a software program for systematically organizing and storing all of the clues to your ancestry that you have been collecting over the years. This program currently costs $39.95. (NOV2000)

Emigration/Ship Lists and Resources - Many passanger lists available here! This is a must visit site for looking for immigrant ancestors (AUG2000)

Finding a Marriage Date - This site will show you several different ways to find a marriage date. Take a look and see if it helps you too! (SEP2000)

Genealogy Friends - This site offers free e-mail accounts, books for sale and a query forum. (AUG2000)

Genealogy-Native - This site contains a query section, information about irc chat and more to help those of us researching our Native American ancestors. (SEP2000) - This site covers the news that is important to genealogy research. A few informative articles. Worth a bookmark! (AUG2000)

Genealogy Portal - is a joint project of Steve Wood (The Genealogy Home Page) and Matthew Helm (Helm's Genealogy Toolbox), authors of two of the oldest comprehensive genealogical web sites. It is designed to assist genealogists in finding information that is not readily accessible through traditional genealogical link sites. All search engines contained in are free to all users. (AUG2000)

GenRoots - It's All About Surnames - This site grows almost daily with an average of 20-40 surnames added! Be sure and check this site out first for your surname! This site receives many hits daily, and your cousin could be the next to surf this site! (AUG2000)

Lessons in Genealogy - This site will show you step-by-step how to research your family history. There are over 60 pages in 6 lessons. (SEP2000) - This site contains links to other sites, a query section, family data, beginner information and more. From the site: "a major genealogy reference library and resource center built and maintained by professional genealogists who understand the needs of beginning researchers and experienced family historians." (AUG2000)

Obituary Depot - This site contains searches and links to other sites containing Obituaries. (AUG2002)

Researching With Census Records - This page, from Family Tree Maker, contains a lot of useful information concerning census records. This site is worth a visit. (NOV2000)

US Biographies - This project, which was created by Jeff Murphy in 1997, is now coordinated by Deb Murray. This project is going places. There are still many states and counties in need of adoption, but there are many states with an overwhelming amount of biographies on-line, including Kentucky and Indiana. (AUG2000)

Yet Another Soundex Converter - Use this converter to find your surnames soundex code. (DEC2000)

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