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The Bible often served as a central focal point of family life providing spiritual guidance and also serving as a register for recording births, christenings, baptisms, marriages, and deaths. Even if you're not aware of a bible existing for your own family, make sure that you ask other family members.

George G. Morgan, in his article Questioning the Bible, warns that "there are cases when the accuracy of information found in a family Bible should be questioned. And while one family member may transcribe the information in a Bible for you, he or she may not be as expert in assessing the accuracy of the information."

One of the challenges with family records from Bibles, is that you often have to overcome issues associated with handwritten information. This is where that pile of old family correspondence may come in handy. Check handwriting in family Bibles with old letters you may have that are signed by the writer. You may be able to identify who recorded the events in the family Bible, and better decipher the information based on these more legible samples.

There are some helpful suggestions in the article Finding birth dates with Bible records from the "How-To" Guide, including "when you cannot find family Bibles among your own family members, check with genealogical societies in the area where the family lived. Next, search through the transcribed Bible records belonging to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)."

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We've transcribed the births, marriages and deaths from hundreds of family Bible pages acquired recently. Due to the age and condition of many of these old Bibles, we are not scanning the pages to avoid damaging the books.

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NOTE: For privacy reasons, we will not publish the full birth date of anyone (who could be) less than 90 years old.

If you have some family bible pages that you would like to share with other researchers, send us a note. We'll be glad to include them in the database search.

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