Serendipity...genealogical discoveries with a little help from above.


...genealogical discoveries with a little help from above.

Gold is Where You Find it!
Submitted by Randi
Surnames: Browne, Hubbard, Ellsberry and Mace.

Stuck in an Envelope
Submitted by Sandy
Surnames: Atteberry.

The Adoption Clincher
Submitted by Christine Roach

In My Mind's Eye
Submitted by Daphne N. Richey

Found in The Georgia Room
Submitted by Wiliam W. McCollum
Surnames: McCollum, Ellison.

The Dead Actress Spoke to Me
Submitted by Linda Alexander
Surnames: Behrens, Mantell.

Help From the Other Side?
Submitted by Judith Grimes

Neighbors by Census
Submitted by Ann Buckley
Surnames: Martin, Warner.

Lucky Camera Break
Submitted by Walter Mayer

An Unexpected Open House
Submitted by Linda Garrett
Surname: Anderson.

"The Girls"
Submitted by Patti German
Surname: Stroud.

My Deceased G-Grandfather Lived With Me For Three Years
Submitted by Bobby Blevins
Surname: Blevins.

The Fox and The Hound
Submitted by Linda Hendricks
Surname: Fowler.

The Whole Parker Lineage
Submitted by John Watts
Surname: Parker.

A Spirit That Can Type
Submitted by Sue Nickum
Surname: Thompson.

Marriage Arranged by Ancestors?
Submitted by Ron Ohnmacht
Surnames: Ohnmacht, McKercher.

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Genealogists often compare almost unbelievable tales about being led to certain information in some mystical way.

- Joanne

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FIVE STARS! -- "If you have been doing genealogy for any length of time you will have experienced that wonderful chance happening that has opened up a whole new world." - Christine Sievers, editor of the Genealogy column at Suite101.

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