Serendipity...genealogical discoveries with a little help from above.

Serendipity - Page Two

...genealogical discoveries with a little help from above.

The Girl Next Door
Submitted by Diane Searels

Clues in Hiding
Submitted by Jim Resseque
Surname: Ressegiue.

The Family Tour Guide
Submitted by Vickie Lynn Rockwell
Surname: Gillum.

A True Land-mark!
Submitted by Jo Hogle

If Mistakes Were Haystacks
Submitted by Donald Jack MacDonald
Surname: MacDonald.

The Estate Sale of a Judge
Submitted by Joyce A. Fleming Kelley
Surname: Baker.

Buried Under The Grass
Submitted by Alice Finnegan
Surname: Kelly.

More Than A Class Reunion
Submitted by Carol Odell
Surname: Cope.

Brothers Who Married Sisters
Submitted by Ray Roberts
Surname: McCollough.

No, My Name Isn't Sue
Submitted by Robin Tyree
Surname: Moore.

The Power of Nicknames
Submitted by Katherine Pyle Meyer

Identity Crisis
Submitted by Cathy Shifflett Phillilps
Surnames: Shifflett, Roberts, Frazier.

Genealogy Spirit Guide
Submitted by Denise McLaughlin

All From Just a Hint
Submitted by Bob Doerr

My Cousin's Mother's Best Friend
Submitted by Diane Friis

Why Are You Looking For Her... Um, Me?
Submitted by Loyce June March
Surname: Dodson.

Not For Love Nor Money
Submitted by Cindy
Surname: Walker, Hughes.

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