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The Adoption Clincher

by Christine Roach

My e-mail address is
and I live in Reno, Nevada.

This really happened to me

I was on a search engine that brought up several entry's for my surname. One of them was adoption, I really could care less about adoption so I looked thru all the other entries. At the end, when I was about to leave, I decided "what the heck I will look, maybe I can help this person".

I wrote a brief message, and gave my email. The website manager wrote back asking if I knew a person by these names. I wrote back and said Yes, my aunt is ---- ----. With my permission, the web manager called me up. And told me this was my first cousin, that my aunt had to give up, 40+yrs ago.

I was skeptical, but I knew it was true.

She gave me all the information she had, my aunts birth place, her date of birth and age, and the clincher was giving my address as a little girl as her home address. I never knew about this. My cousin and I are in very close contact and also have psychic connection with each other.

Submitted:  May 3 2002

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