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In My Mind's Eye

by Daphne N. Richey

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and I live in Stony Plain, Alberta Canada.

This really happened to me

For many years, I have had, in my mind, a picture of a place I have never been. I described it to my son who is a very good artist, and he painted a large picture for me.

A friend, who had been working in Kentucky, came by one day and saw the painting. He was very excited about it and wanted to know how I had come by it. When I explained that I had never been there but that I had my son paint it, he told me that he had stood on that very spot when he visited the Cumberland Gap. Well, last fall (October, 2000) I was able to visit Kentucky and my sister, my brother and I went to the Cumberland Gap.

Sure enough, there is the place where I had stood in my mind's eye. We have found out since then that some of our ancestors crossed the mountains by the route that would have taken them over that pass.

That is my story.

Submitted:  Oct. 21 2001

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