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The Fox and The Hound

by Linda Hendricks

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and I live in Oklahoma.

This really happened to me

We had gone to the MacPherson Scottish Festival, in Kansas. As we were tired (and having no chairs), my husband, our friends and I decided to sit on the ground near the Sheep Dog trials. My husband had borrowed our son's fox fur sporran. Suddenly, a nice Corgie was in his lap, sniffing the sporran. The owner ran over, very embarrassed.

We started talking and I found that he was from Clay Center, Kansas. I mentioned that my great uncle, Al Fowler had lived there, owning a bowling alley. THe gentleman asked, "Did he also own an ice plant?"

I said yes. It seems this man had hrown up near door! He gave me the names and addresses of the two surviving sons (who we hadn't heard from since the 60's). Since then, I have contacted the cousins and received all their information and mailed back photos I had.

All my genealogy friends call me the luckiest person they have ever seen!

Submitted:  Sat Nov 11 2000

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