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Family Newsletters

Or "Rednecks, Reader Requests and a Book Review"

by Uncle Hiram

Last weekend I was down at the Leonard Dairy Queen debating the merits of charcoal versus propane for grilling with some of the local good OLE boys, when Cousin Tyrel came thru the door shouting "Hiram, I got a problem!" I aint sure but I think that may be the first time Tyrel said anything in the DQ that everyone agreed with.

In spite of the fact that I knew I would regret it I said "Sit down Tyrel and tell me all about it." After listening to him babble for twenty minutes or so, I realized he had agreed to do a family newsletter but he knew even less about that than he did about Canadian Cookie Monsters.

So I decided to do a little research on the subject and See if I could help him out a bit.

OK, Let me step out of character for a minute and be completely honest with Yall. This subject was suggested by a reader who sent me several excellent websites on the subject and a copy of the book "Absolutely Family!" by Jeanne Rundquist Nelson.

After surfing the Sites she sent me:

I discovered that family newsletters can be a valuable tool in your research as well as a great way of keeping touch with distant family. They enable you to share the joy of family successes and ease the pain of family losses. They can be used to reinforce the bonds that tie our families together and share the memories of our older generations (yes, I mean that Italian housewife from Connecticut). Overall I can see no reason that every family wouldn't want to have a family newsletter.

Rather than try to explain the how of doing a family newsletter to Yall, I am going to recommend the book "Absolutely Family!" by Jeanne Rundquist Nelson. Let's take a quick look at the book.

Subject Coverage: Ms. Nelson has laid out a very comprehensive guide to publishing family newsletters. With lots of helpful hints on everything from getting organized to containing costs.

Readability: Extremely well written in plain American English. (Even Cousin Tyrel could understand it.)

Price: $12 plus $3 for shipping and handling, a total of $15. It can be ordered from the website or from Family Times Publishing, PO Box 901653, Kansas City, MO 64190-1653

If you have considered doing a family newsletter or you are just messing around with the ideal, I would strongly recommend you read this book.

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- Bill Hocutt (Uncle Hiram)

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