Adventures in Genealogy

Adventures in Genealogy

Also published in The Houston Gazette and Southern Footprints Magazine

The Final Adventure
Or "Rednecks, Adios and Keep Smiling!"

December 2001: Uncle Hiram decided to go independent with his column and is now publishing updates at Genealogy Today is pleased to have helped Adventures in Genealogy for almost a year, and we wish him well on his future journeys.

A Genealogist's Christmas List
Or "Rednecks, Gifts and Desires"

Legacy Software
Or "Rednecks, Free Software and Filling in the Charts"

Dumb Luck
Or "Rednecks, Divining Rods and Pure Dumb Luck"

Church Records
Or "Rednecks, Missed Opportunities and Tons of Records"

Beating the Bushes
Or "Rednecks, Phone Books and High School Football Programs"

Or "Rednecks, High School Yearbooks and Great Photo's"

Leaving Memories for our Grandchildren
Or "Americans, Devastating Days and Written Memories"

* * September 11, 2001 * *
Or "Americans, Unity and Black Armbands"

Letter to Your Descendants
Or "Rednecks, Remembered Family and Your Heritage"

Letters to Distant Cousins
Or "Rednecks, Snail Mail Research and Opening the Door"

Letter to your Ancestor
Or "Rednecks, Unanswered questions and Wishful thinking"

Forgotten Friends of Genealogy
Or "Rednecks, County Clerks and Archivists"

Bang The Drum Loudly
Or "Rednecks, Congress and Other Thoughts"

Internet Hoaxes
Or "Rednecks, Walt Disney, Jr., & Email Scams"

Or "Rednecks, Evil Email & Downloading Attachments"

The Everything Online Genealogy Book
Or "Rednecks, Little Old Ladies and Online Research"

Reunion Reasons
Or "Rednecks, Crazy Aunt Sharon and Old Stories"

Or "Rednecks, Dead Folks and Newspaper Write Ups"

International Black Sheep Society of Genealogists
Or "Rednecks, Bootleggers and Family Shame"

Family Newsletters
Or "Rednecks, Reader Requests and a Book Review"

The County Courthouse
Or "Rednecks, Hysterical Landmarks and Treasure Troves"

Summer Vacations
Or "Rednecks, School's Out and Road Trips"

Southern Footprints Magazine
Or "Rednecks, Southern Research and a New Tool"

Memorial Day 2001
Or "Rednecks, Forgotten images and Remembering Why"

An Interview with Illya D'Addezio
Or "Rednecks, Big Dogs, and Yankees I call Boss"

Internet Chat
Or "Rednecks, Big Talk and Little Rooms"

Native American Chat
Or "Rednecks, Native American Chat, Where to find your roots and get a good laugh"

Why Go To The Courthouse
Or "Rednecks, Land Deeds and Probates"

Genealogical Societies
Or "Rednecks, Little Old Ladies and A Parking Lot Full Of Pickups"

Home Pages
Or "Rednecks, Blue Prints and Cyber Nails"

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A Message From Uncle Hiram

Welcome to Uncle Hiram's Adventures in Genealogy. I wont promise you every method we discuss will work, as a matter of fact I guarantee they probably won't. We talk about the things I try whether they work or not. I can promise you a slightly off kilter look at our mutual hobby.

My goal is to share my adventures in researching. Hopefully I will make you smile occasionally and laugh out loud at least once. Grab a seat, buckle in and enjoy the ride.


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