Genealogy Columnists New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Tips and stories to help "Jump Start" your research efforts.

Hi! I am known as turp (a.k.a. barb20) on the #genealogy-help IRC chat channel hosted by Dalnet. We started this chat about four years ago with only a few and it grew to several hundred chatters, now we are beginning a NEW PHASE of information and help for our chatters! Remember, our schedule for the weekly chat is Tuesdays at 8:00pm CST. Bring a friend and a smile!

- Barb "turp" Olivier

May I Have This Dance, John Lacombe? (UPDATED)
This page is dedicated to all those who have limitations.

Help Needed to Find a BirthMom in Ohio
One of our chatters is looking for her adopted daughter's birthmother.

Early Trains and Steam Engines
Did you ever wonder how your ancestors got from place to place on long journeys?

Alcohol and Genealogy-Genes!
Disorders related to alcohol use are estimated to affect over 7 percent of adults in the United States.

Common Diseases of Children
Ancestors who were considered idiotic or blind, may have just had symptoms resulting from some childhood illness, such as Measles.

Genetics & Genealogy
Often in genealogy a researcher encounters an unexplained disease!

A Salute to Our Friend
One of our most loved chatters, as well as, a terrific research helper.

It's Hell on Earth in No-Man's Land
His medical training came into good use when his leg was wounded after being shot down.

Depression Era: Southern Rural Life
Our life was great and happy, most of family members were very musical. Mom played notes and dad played strings, we all sang.

Sharing Stories Can Solve Someone's Mystery
I will get this started with one of the most interesting one I have found, but it a tough one to solve and explain!

Memories Not Forgotten: Richard (Dick) Leddy
Our dear friend passed away. We will miss him, his patience and all the happiness he brought to #genealogy-help.

Chat's Where It's At... For Genealogy
The objective of #genealogy-help is to provide the finest quality and most comprehensive materials on the net!

What's New in Genealogy ... Today!
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