New Beginnings New Beginnings

Help Needed to Find
A BirthMom in Ohio

by Barbara Olivier

BirthMother Found 8-8-2000!
(details coming soon)

One of our chatters ( ^Leangel ) is looking for her adopted daughter's birthmother from Ohio!

This is her message...

Hello friends,

Jessica as a baby This is one of my last ditch efforts to help my daughter. I don't know if there is anyway that you can help, or if you know of a local newspaper that I can run an ad in, but this is our situation.

My daughter is adopted. Her birthfamily is from the St. Mary's area in Ohio. I know that as a fact. We have all of the information on her birth the family basics, etc. We even have a copy of a letter from the birthmother saying she hopes to see her daughter upon age 18... well, she is now 19 years old.

My daughter needs some medical information due to some health problems. She also was recently the victim of a horrible crime. Her counselor felt that there is a gap in her life that needs to be filled and that finding out more about who she is would help. She is slowly regaining her life but is still having difficulties.

I am confident that the birthfamily would be open to a reunion, or at least contact about the medical issue. Everything we have been given in the past indicates this is the case.

Jessica at 2yrs. We had all hoped the laws would change, but they have not in Ohio and we cannot appeal to the courts until my daughter is 21 years old. That is too long to wait. I learned from an adoption agency that all we can legally do is advertise in newpapers, perform website searches, and then pray a friend or family member notices our plea.

Here is the information that we have on our daughter's birth and birthfamily:

Birth name:  Jessica Lynn
Born:  January 4, 1981 early in a.m., Dr. Ruben Plaza, St. Mary, Ohio
Hair/eyes:  Blonde with blue eyes

Jessica at graduation Her birthmother was in her 20's, had been in the service, liked music, believe may have studied something with computers and or finance. She had brown hair, brown eyes, and came from a large family of nine children (we think). Her mother may have been a nurse and her father involved in personnel for some large company. She did take care of the baby at the hospital.

Her birthfather was also in his 20's, blonde, blue eyes of German heritage. He had been married and divorced with two children from that marriage.

We have a letter written by her (and one from the b-mom's dad) to her daughter. The family also gave two other items that we will not identify (the correct person will know what those are).

I don't know if you can help but do thank you for reading this. Who knows, maybe you know of whom I am speaking or are a relative. If so I hope this is not upsetting, but instead a celebration.

^Leangel (

Perhaps if we all pitch in, we can make a difference in this young girl's life.

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