New Beginnings New Beginnings

It's Hell on Earth
in No-Man's Land

by Barbara Olivier

Rene Georgies Olivier was born on November 11, 1897 in Paris, France and during medical school he was called to service to serve his country in 1917. He chose the Airforce and became a pilot. During a bombing he flew a one-man bomber French made airplane.

Olivier c. 1917 (the pilot) His medical training came into good use when his leg was wounded after being shot down. They said they must take off his leg and he replied "NO, I will endure the pain and show you how to save it", which he did and he never even limped.

After being shot down, in Germany, he burned the remains of plane and hid. He was found and taken to a German hospital where he escaped and drag himself thru gutters and sewage ditches with wounded leg. He lived of off dead soldiers wine and water for days and even changed clothes with one who lay dead in order to escape and return to his native land.

He remained in French Hospital for fourteen months before returning to service to began instructing flight school. Rene G. Olivier got into an argument with his General and struct him and got busted back to a Captain.

Olivier c. 1940 (President of the Memphis Bakers' Union) We know that he buried his dad in 1926 at a cost of $6,500 in a Catholic cemetery in Paris. And then landed at Ellis Island in 1930 and became a usa citizen in 1940.

After the war ended, he must have married into Royalty in Paris, France because when he came to USA in 1930, he was following a lady who had papers he needed to claim his royal inheritance who we believe was his ex-wife. We found a letter that asked if he knew where his wife was and about some property in Paris, France.

It's Hell on Earth in No-Man's Land When he arrived in usa, he spoke six languages but not a word in English. It must not have taken him long to learn because he married a Ky girl in 1931 in Ark. Rene said he had rather be in U.S. with no money than to be in Paris, France with lots of money. He was an orginial and with broken English accent.

We all loved him dearly and these memories will always remain.

The title (and photos) for this article was taken from a newspaper article we discovered about Rene.

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