New Beginnings New Beginnings

Chat's Where It's At... For Genealogy

by Barbara Olivier

We started this chat about four years ago with only a few and it grew to several hundred chatters, so now we are beginning a NEW PHASE of information and help for our chatters!

The objective of #genealogy-help is to provide the finest quality and most comprehensive materials on the net! We are committed to providing those materials to individuals around the world so they can benefit by increasing their knowledge and family lines.

There is always help for beginners, as we never expect ANYONE to be an expert. The 'regulars' in the room are more like family (i.e. very forgiving). You'll find out quickly how nice it is to have help, for example, in learning how to program surnames (maiden etc.) into IRC and then how to use a key to display them all at once.

Our chat is not just about genealogy because to really help we need to have knowledge about many things such as computer programs, IRC and even how to make HTML web pages! I remember once we had a math problem from a teenager, so feel free to bring any kind of question you might have.

We share our records, books, cd's and findings on the Internet with each other good or bad, and someone usually has a suggestion! We always have fun, save money on books and cd's and gain more knowledge at the same time!

Children are also welcome, as long as they have the interest in family history. Some children have reports to make for school projects and we certainly try to help and point them in the right direction.

We talk and listen to hundreds of professionals each year to stay abreast of current trends and to constantly improve and enhance our training. Some have made successful careers their business and we thank you for giving us yours.

Lastly, we also invite some of the "best of the best in genealogy" to be our guests in the weekly Tuesday night chats. So, you never know who you might be chatting with!

Some Chat Room Tips

  • When you see this sign (@) before a a nick it means they have qualified as a great helper and also help monitor the channel chat as well as help others.

  • We do not allow any filth in any form. We have a zero tolerence policy. You say something out of line, expect to be booted from the room.

  • SPEAKING IN CAPS IS CONSIDERED SHOUTING. Please be respectful of others.

    From time to time, I'd like to feature stories about other peoples' adventures here in this column, so feel free to e-mail me if you would like to share something.

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