Turning Over New Leaves

10,000 Year Calendar

by Judy Sander Cockrell

Do you know what day of the year grandpa Harold was born on? Was it Monday, Saturday? How about the day of the year "you" were born on... are you sure 'bout that?

This weeks site may be familiar to many of you, And maybe not at all for some, but I have used it so many times, I just wanted to share it!

There are times when I get so wrapped up in an ancestor's date of birth or death... I completely forget to log the actual day of the week that something occured. Ever done that???

I could just kick myself after spending hours upon hours finding an obituary or news article, copy it, and log the date but realize when I get home, I didn't note the day of the week. Arrrgggg!!!

Well, my friends, your worries are over. Check out the link below, and type in any year with a date, and there you have it!!! Simple as that!

It also gives you options to print out an entire year on one page. Ten thousand years worth! So load up that printer with a stack of paper, and find the day of the week that just darn near anything might have happened...

10,000 Year Calendar

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