Turning Over New Leaves

Missing and Recovered Headstones

by Judy Sander Cockrell

This is a brand new site that I think warrants a big introduction. As an avid cemetery restoration nut myself, I think this is a page that is going to grow with leaps and bounds.

Faye elder, county coordinator for Concho City, Texas, felt the need for a place to share lost and found headstones. As another or we all have probably seen or heard that at one time our cemeteries have taken a beating over the years.

Faye told me, "This website is dedicated to finding stolen headstones. In an effort to do that, I am asking individuals to report any known missing stone. They should provide a brief description of the cemetery it was taken from and the stone's inscription. If at all possible, they should send a picture."

Take a peek at this great site, and please, if you know of any stones that need to find their way back home or, markers that are missing from the final resting-place of one of your ancestors in visit this site and let the world know!

Missing and Recovered Headstones

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