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We've set up a free database to allow visitors to post notices of upcoming family reunions. The listings for this database appear within the Genealogy Meta-Search in the "Roots News" section of the surname pages.

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Tips & Ideas

Thinking About a Reunion?
A family reunion is the perfect audience for your genealogical effort. Your family is, after all, made up of the very people whose ancestors you've been researching and studying.

Better Homes & Gardens - Guide to Planning a Successful Family Reunion
There's nothing like getting the whole clan together to rekindle family ties.

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Reunion Gifts

Personalized Embroidery for Your Reunion
Affordable, top-quality personalized sportswear. Mix/match your family name, zipcode, hometown or slogan with my fun logos. Kid to adult sizes. Need one month to complete, so plan now!

Buy Unique Genealogy Gifts Online!
Buy great genealogy and family reunion gifts at our online store. These gifts are unique and great conversation starters, be the first in your family to have one.

Create a T-Shirt for Your Reunion
Create your own family T-Shirts for your family or class reunions.

Graystone Graphics
Offers personalized screen printed T-shirts, Sweatshirts and other items for Family Reunions and Genealogy Groups.

Custom Calendars From Your Personal Photos
Custom photo calendar gifts for your friends, family, and business; order online.

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Plan the perfect family reunion.

Family Reunion List
A single focal point for relatives to find family reunions.

Reunions Magazine
Dedicated to the joy of family, class and military reunions.
Connect your family at the web's favorite family reunion destination.
Reunion information, products, and resources for family, school, and military reunions.

Helpful Books

The Family Reunion Planner
To organize a large-scale reunion takes a huge amount of preparation, from planning attendance to organizing activities, buying gifts, arranging videos, finding space, and writing newsletters.

Family Reunion Handbook : A Complete Guide for Reunion Planners
From Early Decisions, to Money & Finances, to Using the Internet

Fun & Games for Family Gatherings : With a Focus on Reunions
This book is helpful not only for family reunions, but also for birthday party ideas for kids.

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