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The information housed in libraries around the world is waiting for you.

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Libraries comes in many sizes and shapes of content and in many locations.

Mayflower Society Genealogical Library
They Keep Records of More than Just the Pilgrims!

Public Libraries
Browse through hundreds of addresses and links.

Academic Libraries
Search by College/University from around the world.

The Card Catalog (coming soon)
Find out more about the classification of books.

Library Questions
How well do you know the history of Libraries?

Using Online Library Catalogues in your Research
I use the online American Library of Congress catalogue almost daily in my research!

Related Library Sites
A catalog of quality library sites, new ones added regularly. The Bookshelf at

What is a library?

Merely "a collection of books." However, some would contend that the books must be organized or cataloged for the collection to be considered a library.

Research Sites

Primary Sources
Developing compilation of links to the full-text of some of history’s most important writings.

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