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Cemetery Preservation

Concerned individuals, groups, even Boy Scout troops, all striving to protect, restore, and preserve old and abandoned cemeteries, to maintain their history, and to provide education and awareness of old and abandoned cemeteries and their care to the public.

Around the Web

+ Cemetery Junction - Preservation Efforts
Stay up-to-date with the latests events in cemetery preservation.

+ Saving Graves
Working together to preserve and protect endangered cemeteries

+ Association for Gravestone Studies
Founded in 1977 for the purpose of furthering the study and preservation of gravestones.

State Organizations

+ California Historic Cemetery Alliance
Working to protect and preserve California's historic cemeteries.

+ Connecticut Gravestone Network
Organized in 1995, their purpose is to educate the public on how important old graveyards & cemeteries are to history, and that gravestone carving is a valuable art form.

+ Indiana Pioneer Cemetery Restoration Project
Grassroots effort to generate public awareness about the neglected pioneer cemeteries of Indiana.

+ State Assoc. for the Preservation of Iowa Cemeteries
Join a group dedicated to the preservation of cemeteries.

+ Save Our Cemeteries, Inc.
Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the historic cemeteries of Louisiana.

+ Maine Old Cemetery Association
Founded in 1969 for the main purpose of locating old cemeteries in the state of Maine.

+ Coalition to Protect Maryland Burial Sites
Formed in 1991 and committed to the protection of human burial sites from unauthorized and unwarranted disturbance, by man or nature.

+ New Hampshire Old Graveyard Association
A group of graveyard/cemetery devotees who promote the knowledge of New Hampshire history by bringing together people interested in old graveyards.

+ Ohio Cemetery Preservation Society
Formed as a response to the public's increasing awareness and appreciation of our historic cemeteries and the need to protect them.

+ Oregon Historic Cemeteries Association
Formed in February of 1992 when a group of cemetery enthusiasts from all over Oregon met to discuss the need for a statewide cemetery association.

+ Save Texas Cemeteries
Organized in November 1994 as a statewide, educational organization to help save all cemeteries in the state of Texas from destruction.

+ Vermont Old Cemetery Association
Nonprofit organization encourages the restoration and preservation of neglected and abandoned cemeteries in Vermont.

+ Washington State Cemetery Association
Committed to research, protect, restore, and preserve old and abandoned cemeteries in Washington state

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I am looking for the parents of Edward Poindexter Crump and Sabra Whitaker. Ed was born in Kentucky 1819 and Sabra was born in Indiana 1818. They had 10 children.\r\n\r\nAlso looking for Walter L Gray's parents. Walter died in 1883 and I don't know when he was born.\r\nM. Eliza E Combs 1862 and I know of one son Wilburn Benton Gray. I think there are more children.
Rae Murphy (


Looking for Bepplers of PA/Germany & Burkets of Hancock County/Ohio
Linda Names (


Looking for the parents of William Moss Moore, born Aug 24, 1825 in NC(I believe, but not sure) \r\ndied in Burleson County, Tx in 1884. He was married to Eliza A. Reamy in Fayette County, Tx in 1863.
Kenneth Parkhill (


I am looking for birth and/or marriage \r\nrecords for my great grandfather,James Henry\r\nMayberry and his brother, John Nelson Mayberry.\r\nBoth were born between 1865 and 1885 in White,\r\nWayne or Hamilton Co, IL.
Richard Mayberry (


Am looking for any information on Sylvester Shaw who married Hannah Pruitt(sp?) in Wapakoneta, Ohio. She died Apr 2, 1907.
Sandra Collins (


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