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A look at some of the better sites on the Internet for tracking down marriage records.

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+ Vital Records Information for United States
Information about where to obtain vital records (i.e. birth or death certificate, marriage license) from each state, territory and county of the U.S.

+ Marriage Records Database
Access directories of marriage records for many states. Includes bride and groom registries.

+ Ancestral Findings Free Genealogy Lookups
Genealogy Marriage Record Lookups: Alabama, 1641 - 1944 Alabama, 1800 - 1900 Arkansas, 1728 - 1850 Arkansas, 1850 - 1900 Arkansas, 1779 - 1992 California, ...

+ Hillsborough County, Florida - Marriage Records - Guide
Index of marriage records for this Florida county includes photos of the original documents. Search by name or by year.

+ Camden County Marriage Records Index
Georgia county's directory of early marriage records includes listings by the surname of the bride or groom.

+ African American Genealogical Society of Northern California
Bible, Cemetery, Census and Marriage Records Bible, cemetery, census and marriage records submitted by members and other contributors.

+ - Family Archives: Marriage Records
These Family Archives contain information about marriages that took place in the area and time period indicated by the title.

+ Marriage record searches ($)
We provide searches of selected vital records in the U.S. We search for birth certificates, death certificates and marriage records. Check our list of available States.

+ Massachusetts Genealogical and Investigative Research ($)
Massachusetts vital records, birth, marriage, divorce, death, certificates, probate, naturalizations, census, newspapers, land and property, city directories, genealogy, cemetery research and photography

+ Marriage Record ($)
Searches an individual's marriage history.

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Would like to know the parents of William Moss Moore, born Aug24, 1825 (probably in NC) moved to Texas and married Eliza A Reamy in Fayette Cnty, Texas in 1863. Moved to Burleson Cnty, Tx where he died in 1884. If you know anything about this family,
Kenneth Parkhill (


Looking for info on Poole's and Scothorn in the Roxie Mississippi area.
Dan Cranfield (


Am looking for information on my Great Uncle, Nicholas Peters. Born in Iowa 1890 to Wilhelm & Ida Rahno Peters. Left Iowa before 1909 when he was last heard from was in Washington state. Have info he mayhave been in AZ 1935. Parents homesteaded in SD in 1910.
Wanda Aaberg (


Searching for any information about the early years of Conrad (Coonrod) Keck, who died in Claiborne Co., TN between 15 Aug 1821 and 21 Dec 1824. Conrad Keck was married to Mary Ann (MOSER?) and they had 13 or 14 children, some born in North Carolina, and some born in Tennessee. I have good evidence that Conrad was in Orange County, NC starting at least as early as March 1782 and as late as (in what had become Guilford County, NC) in June 1807, when he and his family migrated to eastern Tennessee. None of the records that I have found (other than his claim filed in Claiborne Co., TN for a Rev. War Pension asserting he enlisted from PA) give any evidence of his place of birth. There is a theory that he was born in Northampton County, PA, but no hard evidence. Any help in solving this problem of Conrad KECK's origins would be much appreciated.
Hilary John Rauch (


Ancestors from Simon Frankenfield to the present day on Frankenfield
Edward E Frankenfield (


I am looking for information on Jesse Byron Shoemake...He lived in Dallas, Texas in the early 1900's. He married Gertrude Killingsworth in 1900(about) they had five children, the oldest Layfette, next Thelma(shoemake/Gonzales), Byron Eugene, Elizabeth shoemake/Burns, then William Harrel Shoemake.. There were only two grandchildren, Laura Gertrude Shoemake(from William) and John Richard Burns, he would be in his 60's.
Anna (


I am looking for information on my great-great grandfather Peter Meitzler or great grandmother, Johanna Meitzler who were are believed to have resided in Charlotte, North Carolina I believe Peter Meitzler owned the Riverside Hotel in North Carolina.
Josie Beguiristain (


I am looking for Carole Louise Keehn. Keehn is her maiden name. She would be about 57 years old. She is from the Washington State/ Oregon area. I lost track of her in 1962.
Betsy (


My father's name was Nelson Malloch, Jr. I am looking for any information pertaining to this person.
Lee A. Haraldson (


I am looking for my uncle, Perry Lynam. He served time in Indiana State prison for killing his wife, Myrtle, for sleeping with another man; supposedly. This happened in May-1914. I am having trouble finding out any more. It was in the Indianapolis Star & I haven't heard back from them yet.
Shelby Jean (


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