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Female Ancestors

One of the most challenging aspects of genealogy. This week we'll focus on some of the best resources for making progress on your female lines.

First Name Basis

Stuck with just a first name or a middle name? Do you have just a maiden name but not the married name? Or is it the reverse--you have just a name, and you don't know if this female ancestor is a spinster or a spouse?

Around the Web

+ Notable Women Ancestors
Profiles of great women throughout history written by their own female descendants. Browse around or submit your own ancestress's story.

+ The Modern Search for Your Female Ancestors by Edna French
How many moms do you have? Odd question to ask in an article about seeking your female ancestors, right? Wrong.

+ Finding Female Ancestors by Donna Przecha
In genealogy research, finding the female always presents special problems. Of course, the primary problem is that women usually change their names when they marry, but part of the difficulty also...

+ List Your Lost Female Ancestors
"Let the year 2000 be the year we discover who our mothers are!" Recently, a message was posted to the Tennessee email list asking members to post known information about female ancestors...

Books from

+ A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Female Ancestors by Sharon Debartolo Carmack
Excellent coverage of subject!

+ A Sourcebook for Women's Genealogy by Christina Kassabian Schaefer
For centuries women were not allowed to own real estate in their own name, sign a deed, devise a will, or enter into contracts, and even their citizenship and their position as head of household have been in doubt.

+ The Female Ancestors of Christ by Ann Belford Ulanov
Very relevant for those with a Christian heritage, whether they are practicing Christians or not.

Genealogy Swap


I am looking for any information on Alson FIELDS and his family. Alson was b in NY 1814-1817, d aft 1880 in Trowbridge, Allegan, MI. In abt 1845, he m Elizabeth ??? b in England 1822, d 1855 in Onondaga, Onondaga, NY. The had 5 children: Mary E., George, Franklin, Ellen, and Louisa. Franklin was b in 1850 and d in Mesick, Wexford, MI in 1912. He m Alma CLARK, d/o Orpha ANWAY and Edward CLARK.
Judy Schor (


We are looking for information on our GGF Hiram Joel Barlow, pen and ink artist,and Charles Barlow. Both are from England and settled in NJ in the arly to mid 1800s.
Kittie Ennis Lane (


Looking for information on Helen King who died in Redwood City CA. Don't know year. Her last marriage was to Horace King. She was married before to an Andrew Marshall in Scotland and came to America in 1929 to New York. Did not go to Ellis Island. She brought two children Elizabeth, and John. They met another daughter Lenora and son George. There were 10 children, but all other died before coming to America. She might have been married before that to a man whose last name was Reinhardt or that might have been her maiden name.
Jackie Sullivan (


STEPHEN NORTON married JANE PADDOCK in Wisconsin--they were both born in New York; his son WILLIAM H.H. NORTON married AMELIA WOOD and had several children in Illinois and moved to Wisconsin; Two of William's sons, LEWIS STEPHEN (Pat) NORTON and his brother WILLIAM WOOD NORTON married MARY LOUISA (Mae)LITTLE and her sister, CARRIE LITTLE. I will gladly exchange information on these families---I go back pretty far on WOOD, LITTLE, and PADDOCK. Would like to know where in New York Stephen Norton was born, who his parents were, and whether he had any siblings.
Marion Sharka (


Looking for information regarding one, Johan Birger Backman who whent from Sweden ti USA 1904. Johan Birger Backman lived for a short period of time in Providens, and he traveled with a teater company we have been told. After that we have no information. I would apreciate any information regarding Johan Birger Backman, after whom I have my christian names.
Johan Birger Sjöholm (


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