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A look at some of the better sites on the Internet for tracking African-American heritage.

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+ Recovering the Family Tree
Don't know much about African-American genealogy? Here's your chance to learn.

+ Family Nicknames and a Little Science Lead to Africa
The human genome project, which opens the door to major scientific breakthroughs, has paid off for this sister, helping her trace her family roots to a West African tribe....,1821,C-1-75-76570,00.html

+ Family History and Ethnic Genealogy
Alex Haley does not speak specifically about African American research, but more about the joys and importance of researching your family history.

+ As slave descendants die, slavery stories become scarce
The United States is at the verge of losing the last few people who ever had personal relationships with survivors of slavery.

+ The Family Reunion Institute
Planning on planning your family reunion? Here's an excellent place to start.

+ Clues to the past: A search for slave ancestors leads to a reunion
For five years, Katie Brown Bennett has taken a journey into her family's past, one that she had been led to believe was impossible.

+ Family secrets: Should you know the truth?
Deciding whether to let the skeletons out of the family closet means weighing the value of honesty against the desire to protect descendants from pain.

+ African American Genealogy
An African-American Guide to Genealogy and Historical Identity

+ The Louisiana Slave & Free Databases
Slaves were listed, and descriptions of them were recorded in documents in greater or lesser detail when an estate of a deceased person who owned at least one slave was inventoried.

+ Civil War Soldiers of Color
United States Colored Troops in The Civil War and more about African Americans during that time period.

+ African American Cemeteries Online
An online database of African American genealogical material

+ Last Slave Cargo
Article from the Lawrence Daily Journal, December 13, 1888

+ African American Census Schedules Online
This project brings all available transcriptions together.

+ Genealogical Resources for African American Research
Wilson Library of University of North Carolina

+ Revisiting Roots Project
Collecting roots stories for submission to the Alex Haley estate.

+ Afrigeneas
African Ancestored Genealogy

+ Christine's Genealogy Website
African American genealogy website featuring manumission records, fugitive slave cases, emigrants to Liberia, census records, slave records and more.

+ African American Lifelines
For people who still think African American genealogical research is too difficult even to begin.

+ The Freedmen's Bureau Online
The Bureau supervised all relief and educational activities relating to refugees and freedmen, including issuing rations, clothing and medicine.

+ Lest We Forget
Documents with focus on the history and culture of African-Americans

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STEPHEN NORTON married JANE PADDOCK in Wisconsin--they were both born in New York; his son WILLIAM H.H. NORTON married AMELIA WOOD and had several children in Illinois and moved to Wisconsin; Two of William's sons, LEWIS STEPHEN (Pat) NORTON and his brother WILLIAM WOOD NORTON married MARY LOUISA (Mae)LITTLE and her sister, CARRIE LITTLE.I will gladly exchange information on these families---I go back pretty far on WOOD, LITTLE, and PADDOCK. Would like to know where in New York Stephen Norton was born, who his parents were, and whether he had any siblings.
Marion Sharka (


Looking for information regarding one, Johan Birger Backman who whent from Sweden ti USA 1904. Johan Birger Backman lived for a short period of time in Providens, and he traveled with a teater company we have been told. After that we have no information. I would apreciate any information regarding Johan Birger Backman, after whom I have my christian names.
Johan Birger Sjöholm (


I am looking for the parents of Edward Poindexter Crump and Sabra Whitaker. Ed was born in Kentucky 1819 and Sabra was born in Indiana 1818. They had 10 children.Also looking for Walter L Gray's parents. Walter died in 1883 and I don't know when he was born.M. Eliza E Combs 1862 and I know of one son Wilburn Benton Gray. I think there are more children.
Rae Murphy (


Looking for Bepplers of PA/Germany & Burkets of Hancock County/Ohio
Linda Names (


Looking for the parents of William Moss Moore, born Aug 24, 1825 in NC(I believe, but not sure) died in Burleson County, Tx in 1884. He was married to Eliza A. Reamy in Fayette County, Tx in 1863.Any info on William Moss Moore would be appreciated.
Kenneth Parkhill (


I am looking for birth and/or marriage records for my great grandfather,James Henry Mayberry and his brother, John Nelson Mayberry.Both were born between 1865 and 1885 in White, Wayne or Hamilton Co, IL.
Richard Mayberry (


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