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Back to Roots through United Nations Mission
"I had a chance to rediscover my country, my people and to renew my origins."

Hudson Bay Company key to Canadian Pioneers
Some of the oldest and best kept records in North America are held by the Hudson Bay Company.

Perogies: Family Tradition and Food Staple
There's nothing like perogies, boiled, baked or fried. With onions or without.

The Art of the Anecdote: Recounting the unpublished
The word anecdote comes from the Greek word anekdota meaning, 'unpublished things.'

The Science and Art of Coat of Arms
Those glorious emblems - we see them everywhere.

Beyond Cinderella: Integrating Stepfamily, step by step
Fairytales introduced us to the concept of these people but they created them in a negative context.

Discovering an Outlaw: Another Side to Jesse James
I asked her about the well-dressed visitor that visited her grandmother so many years ago...

Immigration, Emigration Journeys
Our ancestors' journey to the new land can usually be traced going either way.

50 Years Later: World War II, Accomplishments and Costs
For millions of people 1995 commemorates the 50th anniversary of World War II.

Canadian Flag Turns 30 Years Old
Today the Canadian flag symbolizes peace and security worldwide.

Restoring Your Photographic Memories
For John Groot, photography runs in the family.

Resources to Get You Started
Whether you are a beginner genealogist or advanced researcher, this list should help you.

What's New in Genealogy ... Today!
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