Serendipity...genealogical discoveries with a little help from above.

Serendipity - Page Three

...genealogical discoveries with a little help from above.

Durged, Of Course!
Submitted by Marci Duryea
Surnames: Duryea, Granger.

Gag Order Not Observed by Ancestor
Submitted by Mickey Paulson Aranki
Surnames: Paulson, Eaves.

A Real Stick in the Mud
Submitted by Bonnie Pillers

The Book That Didn't Exist
Submitted by Kathleen E. Englebretson

Relatives on Display
Submitted by Jennifer Godwin

Thesis? Genealogy? How About Both!
Submitted by Kenneth Wilmarth

Behind the Big Pecan Tree
Submitted by Eileen Babb Sumner
Surname: Babb.

Hurry... The Church is Moving!
Submitted by James Gilbert
Surnames: Gilbert, Kerchner.

Two Woman Tending a Plot
Submitted by Fran Miller

We're Not Just Friends!
Submitted by Kathy Henderson
Surnames: Pelter, Sutton.

The Treasure Map
Submitted by Jim Porter
Surnames: Porter, McLain.

A Kind Man Finds My Pearl
Submitted by Kristin Rumble
Surname: McKissick.

Sibling Power
Submitted by Dorothy Barr
Surname: Schwartz.

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