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Clues in Hiding

by Jim Resseque

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and I live in NY.

This really
happened to me I was at a Baseball card and collectibles show about 7 years ago (about 4 years before I got into Genealogy) and was walking by a dealers table when I overheard a dealer saying to someone that he had some old Brooklyn Eagle Newspapers from the 1850s.

I was interested because I didn't know you could buy papers that old. Well, I asked him how much they were and he said I could have the 2 for $30 and I said okay.

I took them home without having looked at them too much and then put them in a safe place. Once in a while I took them out to show people.

A few years later after having gotten into genealogy I found out that my family lived in Brooklyn (as well as a few other places) and that my Great Great Grandfather William F. Ressegiue was an upholster.

3 months ago I remembered about the papers and checked to see if I could any Ressegiues and sure enough there was an ad in one of them for "Ressegiues Patent rollable spring mattresses.

Needless to say this blew my mind that I would find this paper by chance because of someone talking about them. And also that I had it in my house for 7 years before even knowing the name was in there. I think its eerie.

Submitted:  Sat Jun 26 12:29:48 1999

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