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The Family Tour Guide

by Vickie Lynn Rockwell

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This really happened to me Talk about help from above... One day while I was talking on the phone to my sister, Sue in Florida, we decided to make a pilgrimage [along with another sister] back to upper Eastern Kentucky. Our kinfolk from way back settled in the counties of Letcher, Pike, Lawrence, Greenup, Carter and Elliott, so we wanted to see what all we could find out.

I stopped in Buena Vista, Oh. to find grampas old house. As I walked the property, looking for the house [which was gone] a woman approached me, asking was I lost. I replyed that I was searching for Gillum ancesters of mine and remembered that grampa and berthie lived somewhere nearby...

She looked at me strangely and said, "Are you don and flossies' oldest girl?" When I said yes, she introduced herself as being Margie Walker, my mom's 1st cousin. She took me home with her and showed me pictures and 7 generations of archival info on my moms'side of family. I was so happy to meet a cuz who last saw me when I was a 6 yrs. old.

We both laughed over how I came researching the Gillum Tree and went away with much more info on our Kennedy, Lawson, Hines side of which I knew absolutely nothing.

I was led by fate I guess. Thank God!

Submitted:  Thu Jun 17 15:11:00 1999

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