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If Mistakes Were Haystacks

by Donald Jack MacDonald

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and I live in Hemet California.

This really happened to me For the last fifty-eight years I have been searching for my fathers family and ancestral roots.

My mother died in 1938 and I was placed under foster care of the Saskatchewan Government in 1940. During the intervening years I have searched vital records, libraries and newspapers for my father or the one name that I recalled a John MacDonald, brother to my father Angus Gillis MacDonald. I did know he was born in Nova Scotia Canada, but that was all.

For the last four years have been dilligently searching the internet genealogy forums and family web pages. On february 14th of this year, I was once again going through a Cape Breton website, when I saw the Thorpe family site, one I had dissmissed as being irrelevant to my search. This time I entered it and found one MacDonald: Immediately I wrote William Thorpe an e-letter!

The following day came a reply, "Hey cousin, have found your family!" Seems he had been researching family for a few years and he knew many of my aunts , uncles, cousins and such! My father Angus Gillis was the second eldest of 24 siblings. It is interesting that I had gone from being the Titular head of my small family of six to one of over 1,500! The site is now called "The MacDonald Thorpe Family!"

There is an old Cape Breton saying: "If mistakes were Haystacks, we'd all have a cow!" Very appropro in my case.

Submitted:  Wed May 5 12:18:22 1999

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