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Buried Under The Grass

by Alice Finnegan

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This really happened to me In 1980 while on a genealogy research trip, we stopped in the cemetery in Waterford, Racine Wis. to try & locate my gggp's graves. My father had done a cursory walk through the cemetery looking for Kelly's, but only found a few and not the right first names.

I started through the cemetery and saw a small white stone in the ground. I stopped on it and started moving the grass off the stone with my feet, but kept looking around.

I kept thinking, I can come back here, just keep walking - I didn't, something kept me there, pretty soon the name KELLY showed up, I hollered for my Dad to bring a shovel. He did and we uncovered the entire stone!

It said "Anna Kelly, then 'wife of Thomas Kelly' - my great-great-grandmother! After looking under some overgrown brush and trees, we located Thomas (her husband) and their son Samuel, who was a Civil War Veteran. They were all dead by 1884.

It was kinda spooky thinking she was keeping me there until I uncovered her entire stone that was buried under the grass!

Submitted:  Mon Apr 19 21:04:51 1999

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