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The Power of Nicknames

by Katherine Pyle Meyer

My e-mail address is
and I live in Tucson, Arizona.

This really happened to me I live just outside the city of Tucson, Arizona. I'm not able to get to libraries, college campuses and other places for researching genealogy due to physical restraints.

For Christmas my son got me a WebTV unit and joked that I probobly wouldn't find it to be very helpful, but he could not afford a "real" computer. In January, I began learning the functions of the WebTV. And by mid-February, I created a crude website for installing data about my family.

In March, I was posting to boards and subscribed to a couple of mail lists. The last week of March I responded to an inguiry which iminated from one of my posts. It turned out to be a cousin, unknown to me. This occured again within a few days of the first one. By Easter, I was in contact with three cousins working on our family genealogy.

A few days ago one of these cousins, whom I've never met, called and during our conversation it was learned that my brother, whom I lost track of in 1984, was her neighbor. I called the number she gave me and, indeed, it was him.

What is amazing about this is that he is, in fact, a half brother and we don't share the same surname. My cousin works in the town library, where she first recalls seeing his name (which is Edwin, but listed as "Buddy") and when I reffered to my brother by his nickname, she remembered it.

Boy am I happy I used his nickname!

Submitted:  Sun Apr 18 07:12:14 1999

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