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Identity Crisis

by Cathy Shifflett Phillilps

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and I live in Elkins, West Virginia.

This really happened to me I am researching William Hiden Shifflett who married Eliza Ann Roberts in Greene County, Virginia Dec. 20, 1860. The marriage certificate shows William's mother as Artimpa or Artimissa Shifflett. No father is listed.

However, I have been told by other Shifflett researchers that William's father was believed to be Leland Hardin Shifflett who went by Leland Frazier who married Artemissa Shifflett. Leland was married twice, the other marriage to America or Ann Mallory. Both marriage certificates list Leland as Leland Shifflett not Frazier.

Leland and Artemissa were married in Greene County, VA in 1856 just 4 years earlier than William and Eliza. Leland was still living in 1860 so why wasn't he listed on Willliam's marriage certificate?

I need to prove who William Hiden Shifflett's parents were. This is my "Brick Wall", can anyone help?

Submitted:  Sun Apr 18 05:54:34 1999

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