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My Cousin's Mother's Best Friend

by Diane Friis

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and I live in El Cerrito, California.

This really happened to me My father was from New York State, and passed away before I became interested in genealogy.

While I had a lot of info about my grandfather's family, I knew little about my grand- mother's side. I didn't know it, but her maiden name was misspelled on my father's birth certificate, so I kept hitting a dead end in my research.

I wrote often to a cousin (grandfather's side) in Florida, and mentioned I couldn't find the other side. My cousin sent a letter to me telling that she mentioned genealogy to her mother's best friend from New York who was visiting for the winter.

She asked if she was related to the family, and was told she wasn't directly, but had a cousin in common (My father's younger brother who had stayed in New York). She didn't even know of my father since he was much older and had left be- fore she was born.

At any rate, she is my second cousin. We got in touch and have not only shared family information, but have become good friends.

Submitted:  Sat Apr 17 13:45:27 1999

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