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Why Are You Looking For Her... Um, Me?

by Loyce June March

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This really happened to me My sister, Judy, and I took Aunt Wanda up to Texarkana, AR to look at the library to see if we could find out information on my ggrandmother Hanna Bertha Dodson.

They were reworking their library and books were pilled everywhere. My aunt didn't know where to start so my sister handed her a book that said History of Pike Co., AR.

She found a story about our Parsons and a lot of information about our Kelleys. We photocopied the pages about our family. We found no information on Hanna. I wrote to Ms. Hughes and got a brief letter from her.

Judy and I decided to go to Delight, AR in Pike Co to see if we could locate copies of the book to buy for ourselves and our Mother. We pulled into Delight and parked at the bottom of a long row of stairs to get something to drink and stretch our legs. We went into a store that had a pay phone, a drink machine and a counter where people paid their gas bills. There was no phone book.

We asked the lady if she had one we could check. She asked who we were looking for and said that she knew everyone in the area. We told her we were looking for Odell Kelley Hughes. She said why are you looking for her. I told her that I had written her and she had confirmed that we were related and that she had written a chapter in the book History of Pike Co. that told about our family. We would like to purchase the book if it was still in print.

She said, I am Odell and I have only 3 copies of the book left. Wow... there go the hairs on my arm again just writting about it. We have stayed in touch with Odell and are going to be stopping in again to see her.

Our guardian angels stopped us at the right place at the right time. By-the-way, the Historical Society in Pike Co., AR has since reprinted the book.

Submitted:  Sat Apr 17 13:26:04 1999

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