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Richard (Dick) Leddy

by Barbara Olivier

A memorial was held on May 23, 2000 for Richard (a.k.a. scooter) in the #genealogy-help chat room -- here is a partial transcript of the session:

Session Start: Tue May 23 20:00:00 2000 CST
<illya_IT> This session will be recorded and published on for anyone who is unable to attend.
<patriciat> This is a memorial gathering for Dick Leddy an extraordinary friend
<turp> unfortunately, gini (his wife) said she cant attend tonite, but she sent me a message earlier today...
<turp> "God Bless all and thank them for their time and energies. And thank all for their emails. Greatly appreciated. Sorry I can't be there. Love, Gini"
<turp> illya can u please flash page with obit for scooter
<turp> thanks
<turp> I have so many good memories of scooter
<patriciat> Maybe I will say this all again, but Scooter was extraordinarily generous
<patriciat> in addition to being a nice person
<turp> yes he was
<patriciat> I particularly remember a session in which he made sure that a person who had been difficult for him was given a chance to express themselves.
<turp> gina and scooter did have a few happy years together
<turp> scooter first told us that he and gini were life long partners
<patriciat> wish I could be equally generous.
<turp> he had wisdom and used it
<patriciat> a great gift
<patriciat> there were some bad apples that liked to play games with him
<patriciat> yes, but he treated them equally kindly
<turp> he never gave in and gini knows what i am referring too
<illya_IT> how long were they married?
<Timmeke> about three years now illya
<turp> they married 1997
<patriciat> online here
<turp> our friends Gini and Scooter were married in this room on Nov. 28!
<Timmeke> we had the wedding here
<turp> that was a happy day/nite here!
<illya_IT> do we know where scooter and gini met?
<turp> i think they met out west illya
<trombidiidae> I thought they met on the internet.
<turp> trom they were together when they first came here and lived in ark
<turp> then scooter had a stroke in 1998
<turp> he had a hard time recovering
<turp> if he ever did I am not sure
<turp> he then had a heart attack
<turp> he still continued work on his page with gini's help
<patriciat> does anyone have the URL handy
<patriciat> barb-- i think you encouraged scooter to get started with a web page
<turp> matter of fact I was amazed with him from start to finish when i helped him to begin a webpage
<turp> i had forgotten that
<turp> he was clever for sure
<trombidiidae> Didn't Scooter used to have a website of jokes or something like that?
<patriciat> I think so
<trombidiidae> Some of the jokes were a little risque but he always warned about those.
<patriciat> true
<trombidiidae> I remember he solicited jokes from anyone that wanted to send them and they were pretty neat at times.
<turp> i always thought of him and sent when i found a good joke
<trombidiidae> He was a gentleman and a scholar and we will all miss him but are better off for having known him.
<patriciat> well said tromb
<patriciat> his example of generosity is one I aspire to
<illya_IT> who was involved in their wedding?
<Timmeke> I was one of the ushers and also the Narrator
<turp> the preacher was my brother in law
<trombidiidae> Yes, turp and I've forgotten you brother-in-laws handle?
<turp> buick
<patriciat> and some relatives who had been out-of -touch were informed which was really terrific
<turp> trom was best man
<trombidiidae> Captim did all the work, I think. (a lot of it anyway)
<Timmeke> I introduced the people when they came in....
<trombidiidae> It was a pretty lengthy ceremony as I recall.
<turp> we had a flower girl
<patriciat> course you did have a southern accent. heheh
<trombidiidae> Wasn't there a rign bearer?
<turp> i am sure gini and scooter called this their special place
<trombidiidae> If I'm not mistaken we even had an uninvited guest or two that evening also.
<turp> yes we did tromb
<illya_IT> does anyone know how scooter became such a civil war buff?
<turp> I have wondered that too illya
<turp> perhaps he was a vet
<turp> i do know scooter was looking for a dau and i think his only child
<turp> he did find her and he was overjoyed
<patriciat> wasnt that through the wedding on internet?
<turp> i dont remember pat
<turp> they shared a lot with us
<illya_IT> sounds like he was very special
<turp> yes they both were
<turp> I felt we all were more like family than friends
<turp> he would like us to do some genealogy in his honor I think
<illya_IT> that's a very good idea
<turp> so sorry gini wasnt here to share these wonderful memories
Session End: Tue May 23 22:22:00 2000 CST

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