Turning Over New Leaves

Help Me, Help You

by Judy Sander Cockrell

Most of us know that volunteerism is one of the most important factors in genealogy research today. Let's face it, if we all lived in the same state as every one of our relatives, this little hobby called genealogy would only take, oh say, a couple of days to complete… bummer!

What about all of the friends I've met along the way? What about the euphoria filled e-mails I get? What about the mounds of paper I can't wait to find in my mailbox? My world would never be the same without it. And yours?

Today, I would like to volunteer myself, to you, my readers. And in return, what would I like from you? Ah, you shall see my friend. But hang tight, I want to first help you. I will:

  • Answer questions about genealogy and family matters… just ask!
  • Do obit, census, and directory lookups for Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas.
  • Do lookups in the Barden-Bardeen genealogy book.
  • Visit cemeteries, last known homes and take pictures in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Lookup any living relative that has a drivers license in Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin if you can provide me with name and birth date.

    If I can't help you, I promise to hook you up with someone that can! Just e-mail me.

    Check out this huge site of volunteer links. Impressive!

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