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Missing Persons Register

We understand the pain and anguish families go through not knowing where their loved ones ARE, and whether they are safe, and well - or even ALIVE. The pain of NOT KNOWING is incredible.

This database (and the companion web site) is a resource to help you get in touch with people you may have lost contact with, could be a friend, a neighbour, a relative, an old classmate. Consider it like a self-help workshop and library.

On top of all that there are details of Missing and abducted children, Wanted criminals in Australia, Unsolved crimes and even some solved ones in What happened to? There's also a wicked Search Tools section. If what you seek is ON the web... you will find a tool here likley to find it. Some search tools are much better than others.


We understand the need of being able to find people, to have CLOSURE to assist with the grieving process. We hope in time to be able to refer people to more assisting services. On this site there are no fees, no charges, no word limit (well, its very reasonable!) and you can put up photographs for free.

It is our aim that you are able to locate the resources you need, and the people you seek easily, and for the least possible cost. This website and the services provided herein are provided to the Australian, New Zealand and International communities as a free service. All listings (in our database) are placed by the families, relatives and people seeking others and we publish these in good faith.

The Missing Persons Register has been operational since 1996!

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