Seeking Birth Parents

Finding Birthparents...

We've set up a free database to help adoptees locate birthparents. The listings for this database appear within the Site Search in the "Roots Family" section of the surname pages.

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Helpful Research Sites

Adoption Puzzle NEW!
[ Directory ] Search tools, registries, mailing lists, support and more!

Adoptee Searcher's Handbook
[ Web Site ] A Resource site for Searchers.

The Adoptees Internet Mailing List
[ Web Site ] A.I.M.L. is an Internet mailing list - that means we provide a centralized email address through which all of our members can send email to one another.

The Adoption Connections Project
[ Web Site ] Bringing together birth mothers, adopted daughters, adoptive mothers, foster mothers and stepmothers.

Searching Lost Families
[ Web Site ] Non-profit organization dedicated to confidential search, contact and reunion assistance for birth parents and birth children.

Adoption Advocates
[ Web Site ] Provides online and printed publications on federal and state adoption rules, legislation, and financial assistance/subsidy resources.

Adoption Interlink UK
[ Web Site ] Very Useful addresses, links, etc. for UK Adoptees.

[ Mailing List ] This is a list to help adoptees who are either searching or living in the UK and Eire to trace their birth families.

Message Board

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[ Post ] If you would like to add your own query on this site, we have established a discussion area.

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Related Information

Why Adoptees Search
[ Article ] These are some of my thoughts on why adoptees (at least why I) search.

Preparation Before Contact
[ Article ] The purpose of this letter is to raise the level of awareness of adoptees in search of their birthmothers.

Internet increases adoption searches
[ Article ] The Internet is a marvelous tool for adoption reunion searchers.

Making Contact After the Search
[ Article ] When the time to make connect finally arrives, everyone is eager to move forward. Adoption Research

Online Resources

[ Search ] You can search the entire BirthQuest database by using a wide range of multiple criteria.

Adoptee Search Center
[ Search ] With more than 31,000 people currently registered looking for their lost loved ones.

Lost Connections
[ Search ] You can enter names, or dates, or places. Just about anything.

Missing Persons Database
[ Search ] Instant Technologies, Ltd. provides the Missing Persons Pages as a free service to the community.

Relatively Seeking
[ Search ] To find out if someone is looking for YOU

Kerrylynn's Home Page
[ Search ] Adoption Search Sites available indexed by State & Category

People Finders

InfoSpace White Pages
[ Search ] Probably the best international White Pages directory on the Internet.

Switchboard: Find a Person
[ Search ] The leader in connecting people and businesses over the Web.

Adding a Site to this page

Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, all requests for addition are personally screened by the editor. To recommend a site or resource, please send your information in an e-mail.

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